Terms and Conditions

“Dog Owner” refers to the owner of the dog or an authorized person in charge of the dog

    1. The dog Owner confirms that he/she is the owner of the pet or has been authorized by the Owner of the pet to enter into this Agreement.
    2. The Owner agrees that the pet shall not leave the kennel until all charges are paid to the Kennel by the Owner. This will include charges for any specific services and/or veterinary costs that were incurred by the Kennel during the time the pet was in the care of the Kennel.
    3. The Kennel reserves the right to retain possession of the pet until all outstanding charges have been paid.
    4. The Owner agrees that if the pet becomes ill or otherwise requires veterinary attention the Kennels may, in its absolute discretion, engage the services of a Veterinarian to be determined by the Kennel and the expenses thereof shall be paid by the Owner. All such decisions will be made by the Kennel in the best interest of the pet.
    5. The Owner agrees to drop off and pick up the pet by appointment only.
    6. The Owner confirms that all details disclosed in this Agreement are true and accurate to the best of their knowledge and that they have disclosed all health conditions or special dietary and/or medical requirements.
    7. The Owner further confirms that the pet is not of an aggressive nature and has never bitten any person.
    8. The Owner understands that the Kennel reserves the right to refuse service, at its discretion, and in particular, the Kennel may not admit pets that appear to have behavioural problems.
    9. The Owner confirms that their pet has received up-to-date injections, including Kennel Cough (certificate to be produced).
    10. Whilst every possible care and attention is given to each pet boarded at these Kennels, we cannot be held responsible for loss, either through illness or other cause.
    11. The kennels is not responsible for any illness or injury suffered by the Owner’s dog. We also are not responsible if the dog is stolen or for theft or loss of the dog, The kennels does have stringent safety and security measures in place.
    12. Finally the dog Owner agrees that if the pet is not collected within fourteen days of the date on which it is due to leave the Kennels, and no communication is received from Owner, authority is given to the Kennel to sell or otherwise dispose of the pet at the Kennel’s discretion.